M56 smartgun conversion from Shoei MG-42

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Shoei MG-42 smartgun conversion. First look with struts - genuine Kawasaki parts. trigger block is made from layers of machined acrylic sheet. recoil booster extension
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testing the trigger mechanism. foregrip bracket - still need to add the triangular side braces. muzzle
DSC_1808.JPG DSC_1807.JPG DSC_1811.JPG
WTF! Shoei feed tray is missing the drum mag mounts - kind of essential for a smart gun. Temporary aluminium brackets fabricated. Seems like they'll work. triangular braces brazed to front grip bracket.
DSC_1812.JPG DSC_1815.JPG DSC_1818.JPG
cocking handle extended with 7/8 tube - machined aluminium caps joined with threaded rod starting on the trigger guard - the raised part was made by cutting the pipe all the way down then bending (with liberal amounts of heat) and braising back together Homing in on the correct shape/proportions
DSC_1821.JPG smartgun_large4.jpg DSC_1827.JPG
checking fit - final position of lever an guard will be closer to support block ref pic of real SG trigger guard final position of trigger guard
DSC_1828.JPG DSC_1829.JPG DSC_1820.JPG
IR illuminator housing Trigger block assembly. Cable from clutch lever is attached to a sliding clevis which operates the trigger. trigger clevis
DSC_1830.JPG DSC_1831.JPG DSC_1835.JPG
finally got the trigger rigged. and got the struts mounted. aluminium mag cover
DSC_1833.JPG DSC_1846.JPG DSC_1847.JPG
mag cover attached I'm calling this mostly done. Need to finetune the mag cover attachment and there's a detail piece to go on the front. Also made a metal base to stand it upright. It's a pain to take pics of.
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Last updated: 12/17/06